Fundraising effort to give Power to the Philippines

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In collaboration with the Children’s Mission, we strive to provide green energy to villages in the Philippines that do not have access to electricity after the Haiyan super typhoon hit the country.

InnoVentum has prepared a hybrid power station the Dali PowerTower to be installed on the Hills of Grace near Manila. It will enable:

  • charging of mobile phones and flashlights
  • operation of night lighting at the school district which forms the focal point in Scandinavian Village
  • operation of water pumps.

A detailed presentation about the project is available here.

We need more PowerTowers for the Hills of Grace, Scandinavian Village and other affected areas. Therefore, we welcome your contribution – large or small .

Please use the Children’s Mission Plusgiro: 901080-2 or Giro: 901-0802

Strömgatan 14
212 25 Malmö , Sweden

Mark your transfer with “Power to the Philippines”.

Many thanks in advance! Together we will bring energy to the areas that need it most!