Dali PowerTower Lite is a Hybrid Wind-Solar Power Station Installed on a Wooden Tower

Dali PowerTower Lite is a hybrid wind-solar power station designed for easy installation in remote locations. It is installed on a design- and patent-protected 12 metre Dali XII wooden tower. 

The Dali PowerTower Lite hybrid wind-solar power station is suitable for a variety of applications. It can provide electricity for a summer cottage, provide heating for hot water, power lights and electronic equipment - either connected or off the utility grid, e.g., replacing a diesel generator (with a suitable battery backup).

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Generator & Installations

The Dali PowerTower Lite wind turbine is one of the most reliable and widely installed low cost wind generators. The installations can be found in the USA, Russia, China, India, Japan, in the European Union (Italy, Holland, France, Belgium, Sweden, UK, Poland, Germany, Ireland), countries of Latin America, Africa, Australia and even in extreme conditions in Antarctica.

Generator housing is made of precisely cast aluminium alloy and sealed with high quality sealant, which ensures efficient performance in a wide range of weather conditions and climates. The wind generator features class B insulation and IP56 class protection. The wind turbine system is designed with sufficient buffer for overload to ensure overall performance reliability.

Dali PowerTower Lite small wind turbine on a wooden tower

Technical Specifications

Annual production*, wind 3 400 kWh
Annual production, solar 2 000 kWh
Annual production*, total 5 400 kWh
Wind: Rated power at 12 m/s 3 kW
Solar, 8 panels: Rated power 2 kWp
Grid connection on-/off-grid
Tower footprint 3.51 m2
Building permission Not Required

* - at an average wind speed of 6 m/s

 Installation Process

The Dali XII tower of the Dali PowerTower hybrid wind-solar power station has a number of practical advantages: 1) easy transportation thanks to the modular design and small packing volume; 2) silent operation of the wind turbine thanks to noise reduction by the wooden elements and multi-leg design; 3) possibility to erect the tower without a crane - using electrical or manual winch - which is particularly advantageous in remote locations.

In most cases we use screw foundation for our solutions, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to the concrete foundation. Screw foundations require no soil movement and offer considerable water and material savings. If the installation site is rocky, we propose a steel rod foundation that is drilled directly into the bedrock. In cases when concrete foundation is the only alternative, the amount of concrete required for the Dali XII tower is 7 times less compared to a classic tubular steel tower of the same height. This is achieved thanks to the multi-leg design of the wooden tower.

 Relevant Installation Case


Photo gallery on Flickr (full size downloadable images): Dali PowerTower in Hagestad (Skåne, Sweden) 

Photo gallery on Flickr (full size downloadable images): Dali PowerTower in the Philippines

 Photo gallery on Flickr (full size downloadable images): Dali PowerTower at Senoren (Blekinge, Sweden)

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