Dalifant small wind turbine on farm land at sunset

InnoVentum Welcomes New Investors on Board

InnoVentum is welcoming new investors on board – with a focus on individuals who:

  • Bring exponential thinking on board
  • Have complementary professional and social networks
  • Combine green hearts with value-driven minds and patience to wait for exit until substantial value has been co-created.

Our Goals and Evaluation

When InnoVentum was formally established on 05.05.2010, the evaluation linked to the first emission was mainly based on the initial patent application for a product with significant market potential. The vision was and still remains to be the globally leading brand for decentralised renewable energy production solutions by 2020 – made unique through beautiful design, functionality, resource efficiency and use of renewable materials. Our financial target is to reach revenues of $100 million by 2020.

The value of InnoVentum has developed incrementally as presented below in four stock issues made until present date:

  • First issue in 2010: 200 000 SEK per percent of InnoVentum
  • Second issue in 2011: 300 000 SEK per percent of InnoVentum
  • Third issue in 2012-2013: 450 000 SEK per percent of InnoVentum
  • Fourth issue in 2014-2015: 600 000 SEK per percent of InnoVentum

A total of 30+ early stage investors enjoy co-ownership in InnoVentum, and all employees are shareholders.

The fifth and final stock issue is planned for 2016. The graph below shows the pathway of stock issues presumably leading to exit through IPO or industrial sale.

Our growing IP portfolio including patents granted, design and trademark protections have substantially strengthened the value of InnoVentum. Moreover, the increasing number of customer installations worldwide – best followed on the InnoVentum Facebook – constitutes a second constantly growing pillar of value creation. Finally, the increasing appreciation of our design focus constituting the core of our products – the Giraffe, the Dalifant and the Dali PowerTower  – further enhances the value of InnoVentum.

Additional Reading

InnoVentum team near wind-solar power station Giraffe 2.0 on a wooden construction

More information about the company is available through the following documents:

We enjoy being in the region that attracts the highest degree of greentech investments – as highlighted in a video by Invest in Skåne - and will continue our value creation activities for the dual benefit of the Planet and our Investors.

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Our Founder Dr. Sigvald Harryson is best reached at sigvald@innoventum.se or via the i3 connect system

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