Solar Power Solutions by InnoVentum bring clean energy to your home

We have built many complex hybrid systems, installed our solutions as far away as the Philippines and Sri Lanka, as high up as the Swiss Alps, as high profile as COP22 global climate conference and as low-key as holiday homes in the Swedish countryside - and on this journey we've learnt how to build a perfect solution in each case.

Now we are ready to bring our knowledge and experience to you - and install the perfect Solar Power Solution for your home!

Have a look at the sample offer for a rooftop installation (in PDF) - Only available within Sweden

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10-year product warranty for defects in material and/or workmanship

25-year linear performance warranty: deviation from the minimum power no greater than 0.6 % p.a., the minimum rated power after 25 years 83 % of the minimum rated power of crystalline modules

 Online Monitoring

We offer an online monitoring platform with apps for iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC so that you always have full control of your power production.


  • With at-a-glance views of energy production and performance, system owners can see their system is performing as expected.
  • Easily compare current performance against previous day, week or month.
  • View historical weather data to understand variations in performance.
  • System status indicator tells you when the system is not performing as expected and what can be done to restore performance.
  • One-click sharing with integrated social media buttons. Accessible from any device with an Internet connection.
Solar PV installation by InnoVentum Solar Power Set monitoring solution

 Financial Incentives

Apart from providing energy, the Solar Power Solution gives you the opportunity to benefit from Swedish subsidies for solar installations (Solcellstöd).

For example, in Sweden it allows you to qualify for the PV installation support by the Swedish Energy Agency – where up to 30% of total PV system cost can be reclaimed.

You can read more on Energimyndigheten here.

For more information on Swedish Financial support

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